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10 Best Steps How To Build an eCommerce Website

Today, in this article we will learn about how to Build an eCommerce Website in detail.

According to the current market scenario, the e-commerce industry is the only industry who is growing faster. You will find the more successful entrepreneur in e-commerce Industry as compare to any other Industry.

Building your own eCommerce website follows with a proper strategy, plan, and implementation. If you do this, then you will become a successful e-commerce entrepreneur, otherwise creating your own e-commerce website is just like wasting your time.

I have seen many people coping with others Business model, normally they don’t have their own invention of building an e-commerce website. Just they see others of doing this business very successful, so they think, this business is very easy to maintain.

Here I will give you the proper guidance, how you can Build an eCommerce Website?

Just follow the steps:

1)Product Segments:

If you have decided to Build an eCommerce Website, you must have decided your product segments to start with.

Your product segment can be anything like Apparels and clothing, Jewellery & accessories, Food Items, cosmetics, electronics, Home Furnishing, Home Décor, books or handicrafts and name to few.

Find out the and choose the best product for your website. Which your audience can find more valuable and suits their requirements. Decide a product which has good market demand and can make the good profit margin.

Like if I take an example of an Apparel and Clothing, this business has huge potential in the market, which I do consults to many of my clients. Similar there are multiple products on the market, whose market value is good.

2) Business Module

It is more important to know your business module, this can be an Individual brand website, wholesaler website or Market Place.

Individual Website:

Individual website were you can sell your own product, either you can manufacture the same at your premises or you can out source the same. you need a brand name and you have to manage inventory at your warehouse.


In this module, you can do your own products and sell under your tagline or you can build an ecommerce website where you can add many brands or manufactures to sell under wholesale tagline.

Market Place:

This is a very known and ongoing module because the marketplace module has become the lifeline for an audience nowadays, people find everything online to buy. Starting from grocery to gold. Everything available just in few clicks. Marketplace websites available worldwide like and

Just decide, which model you want to build an e commerce website. Because every module has the different way of building a website. You would require different types of software for each module.

3) Competitive Pricing

Competitive price doesn’t mean to sell your product in less price or high price.

If you sell your product in less price you won’t be able to make good profit margin, will just end up with the breakeven point. Even If you sell it at a high price, you will not make good sales.

You need to figure it out your whole costing starting from your logistic, taxes, website maintenance, marketing and payment gateway percentage etc. On top of these charges, how much you want to add as your profit margin, that you need to calculate.

Your average selling price should not be affected just because of your selling price less or high selling price. To be in the market you have to see what your competitors’ price and how you will manage it?

If you are ready with all the above points you can Build an eCommerce website.

4) Domain name registration.

Domain name is the brand name of your website. Normally people think a lot, while choosing the perfect domain name for their business. Believe me, this is not an easy task.

And it is very funny part as well, just think what customer will be saying to their friends or colleague that they have brought this wonderful product from _____ brand.

The domain name should be more eye-catching, if someone heard your website name for the first time, should remember forever.

Also, buy a domain name from the reputed company like

The only Domain name will not be enough to Build an eCommerce Website. You need a platform to run.

5) E-commerce Platform or web hosting.

Web hosting is basically providing data storage space and access your website to run smoothly.

While browsing You must have observed many web pages taking the long time to upload, or sometimes doesn’t open, this is just because of bad hosting.

If you want to run your eCommerce website, you need to have the host from the reputed company like HostGator.

Your e-commerce web page should load fast, otherwise, you will lose your customer. Because your customer has lots of buying option from different websites. So, hosting is very important for the website to run fast.

If you have got your domain and purchased, then let’s go to next step.

6)Build an eCommerce Website

Few points need to keep in the mind before Build an eCommerce Website.

Your eCommerce website should be clear, user compatibility and easy to access.

Your site is the only way to attract your customer if put a huge amount of money in marketing but, your site is poor condition, how you can expect someone to visit and buy a product from your website.

So, use some creative method, plan and build your site.


Your home page should have filled up with feature adds which should describe your category page products. And to be filled with big banner adds excitement offers. Put eye-catching products as feature add or top products.

Navigation Menu:

Your navigation menu should describe complete information about your product segments, the navigation menu is like page direction of your website, if someone checks into navigation menu bar and clicks to a product, the page redirects to the product category page, so make sure you do proper interlinking all of your pages.

Category Page:

The category page is treated like the main page in the e-commerce site. Make sure your category page has the complete information and product details.

product category should be well defined its color menu, size guidance, pricing and offers in a proper manner.

Related products or you may like: 

This is another important factor for the e-commerce website. The customer always not buying the product which he/ she clicks into.

If there are related products and many options, the customer might take an interest.

Contact page:

Each link of contact page should be responsive.


You need to mention terms and condition, privacy policy, return and cancellation on your website for security reason.

Few more points need to add in the website like add to the kart and wish list, Social media buttons and sign up for newsletter etc.

7)Product display and Images

Few things we should keep in our mind while Build an eCommerce Website.

Presenting products on the website gets you the more and more traffic.  Your product shoot and Model should be well managed.

There different type of model required for each segment according to the category. And your images should be high resolution.

That’s not all done here.

8)Merchant Account integration

The merchant account means a payment gateway. There are many payment gateway companies in the market, Pay U, cc avenue, PayPal and more mandatory for an e-commerce website otherwise you cannot sell the product.

You need to integrate merchant accounts with your website to complete payment transactions.

Once the customer buys products from your website, how you going to deliver the order?  Check next point.

9) Logistic Partner Integration

You have to tie up with logistic companies to get your products to deliver to the customers’ place. Logistic partner is important.

If you think of delivering customer orders of your own is not possible, because it cost you a lot.

Your logistic partner will keep track of your COD orders. and collect cash from the customer and maintain the record.

Also, your logistic partner will maintain the return orders, they will collect all the return shipments from customer place and deliver to the supplier/sellers warehouse .

10)Website Security:

Once your website ready for operational, you must ensure to secure your website to protect data and information.

Purchase SSL certificate for your website left the side of URL there is green color secure lock button. that is SSL certificate.

Also, Learn how to run your business successfully.

Hope this article given you the valuable information. If any query arises, ask me in the comment session below.


Congratulations! It’s time to generate income. All the best!

Thank You


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