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Best Tips For Parents To Know About The Child Development

Parents are always concern about the child development. How to rank well in school, what will be the future and how to get a better life etc. Their label of thinking about the child development depends on the Child’s age. doesn’t matter how old child is.

Even, I am a parent. I always thinking about my child. I am 36years old. And still, my mother always worried and concern about me. Even all parents do the same.

Let me ask you something. Does anybody know any success mantra which can make your child perfect overnight? Or anybody tried to find out something like this?

According to me, there are no such things exists which can make your child perfect over the night.

If there are no such mantras, then why are you always concern about your child development?

Today, in this article I will tell you where you are lacking and how you can make your child perfect, which can help your child to lead a better life and a perfect human being.

I request all my readers, read this article carefully and attentively.

In the last 6 months, I traveled to many cities in India and observed the different type of people, as you all know India is the most religious country and you will find many cultures and languages. And it requires lots of brainstorming to understand each other’s culture.

But, I found one common thing everywhere and that is Education and Child Development.

Education is the most important for a child, and it is a basic necessity. But, if the Education becomes Revolution then it is dangerous.

My Observation:

I observed, there is a Race going on in every school across India. Wherein students are the participants and the teachers have become the coach while parents are the organizers. The condition of the race is to crack 90% & above mark for all students, less than this, will not be considered as a winner.

For that, the child was forced to put their 100% effort throughout the year only in studying, And no other work. Sometimes they play video games or watch television.  If it is exam time, even parents are don’t watch television.

Unfortunately, if someone gets 70 or 80% mark then parents think it’s a big revolution. No playground and no other activity for a child for the whole year.

Another part of the country I observed, parents have set strict rules for their children.  I.e. child will go to school, come back, take rest, complete their homework and after that, they can watch TV or play games inside the home. Again, study in evening till night and at last, they do dinner and go to bed. And the same routine continues throughout the year.

There are Schools who focus only on academics and they simply don’t have time for extra activities for students.

Parents don’t interfere much in school, they just given the standard instruction and children are following the same.

I was surprised!

  • what is going on?
  • Is this the child development?
  • What are we teaching to our next generation?
  • And what they will learn from their own experience?
  • Is this the way, parents want their child to become perfect?
  • What are parents expecting from their child? What do they want?

Similar questions I was asking myself and I was completely shocked!

Believe me, if this will be the scenario, then definitely it will become a revolution.

As a parent, what is best for your child as a child development?

I can understand education is most important, and it is a basic necessity and we have to set strict roles for the child. But, apart from education, there are many things need to teach our child. As a parent, we want the best thing for our child, and best we can give is the right education.

What is the right education?

Right education means not only academics, as I already told you academic is important and it will give you a study degree, which can help in many ways in your child’s life, but as a parent it is your responsibility to guide them properly and help them to organize their time to learn new things apart from academics.

Parents play a vital role in developing the child’s learning skills and education, whatever the age of your child is.

Let’s discuss what role, you need to play for your child as a parent.

  • You need to spend quality time with your child.
  • Let your child feel supportive environment inside the house.
  • Connect with your child’s school teacher and understand the performance of your child.
  • Encourage your child academically and non-academically.
  • Discuss the problem with them and give them sound solutions.
  • Keep observing your child’s activity academically and non-academically.
  • Advice your child about how to develop new learning skills and study habits.
  • You need to maintain a balance between affection and strictness toward the child.
  • Monitor what and how is your child learning a new skill.
  • You need to focus on your child’s activeness.
  • Ensure your child is not overscheduled either academically and non-academically.

Your child deserves an active life

The best part of the child development is to ensure, your child spends at least 60mins daily on playgrounds to become healthy and active.

As we have discussed, many parents are not allowing their child to go out and play the game on the ground, especially in urban areas and big cities. Children are simply spending their free time with gadgets and electronics devices. And not doing any physical activities.

How will the child become active?

Even many schools are not focusing on extra curriculum activities, even whatever they do is not enough for students. As a parent, our focus should be more towards school physical education.

From the survey report, I would like to inform you that, today, kids are suffering diseases like diabetes, obesity, cancer and many more. Even our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already addressed the same topic in their “Mann ki Baat” programme.

There are companies, I know who provide such activities in many schools, and personally, have seen those students and spoken with them. Believe me, they are extraordinary students’, academic wise as well as non-academic. And I have never seen such students during my journey.

Once you enroll in their programme, as a parent 50% of your job they will do.

I can give you their contact details, leave your mail id in comment session or fill the contact form and type the topic details in the message body.

Believe me, your child wants you as their best friend. Try to be with them.

90% or 95% mark is important. But, understand only this will not be the solution.

Every child has a unique talent, try to find out.

Every child has unique talant, the one can be a good at studies and can become next Surendra Pichai or Satya Nadella, sports like Sachin Tendulkar/MS Dhoni or Saina Nehwal, maybe your child can sing very good  like Lata Mangeshkar or Neha Kakkar, can be a super dancer like Remo D’souza or Actor like Amitabh Bachchan.

Find the inbuilt talent of your child.

It is your responsibility to decide the career path for your child. But, more important is what your child wants to become or which field your child is intersted.

Help your child to achieve their dream. That’s the actual child development.

I hope this article has helped you with good information, if you have any queries and anything you would like to add to this article, please write in the comment section.


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